Lockdown Stress

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Lockdown Stress

Post by Mustloseweight » Tue Jan 19, 2021 11:29 pm


Is anyone else flagging a little? There seems almost no point in getting dressed. My daughter is getting stressed and having sleeping problems plus headaches and it is her final year in secondary school with cancelled GCSEs looming. I have bought us an exercise ball and a trampette to get her and me moving more to de-stress and I have got her taking omega 3 in a multivitamin chewy sweet thing with her breakfast. My daughter’s stress becomes my stress. I feel if my food is in my control my life will be more manageable if that makes sense. Somehow cleaning is quite therapeutic for me at the moment, which as a housework phobic, is quite worrying in itself! :lol:

Would love to hear how others are feeling.

Anne x
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Re: Lockdown Stress

Post by NoelFigart » Thu Jan 21, 2021 4:01 pm

Hi, haven't been around for awhile. I was reminded of the board when I ran across a recent podcast by Reinhard.

Yes, I am also flagging. I feel ya!

Yes, that has included some stress cleaning, but I figure it's better than other ways to cope! Besides, you get a clean environment out of it, so that's not too bad.

Since this board is all about habits, when thinking about habits and rough times, I'm minded of Victorian people dressing for dinner when on the battlefield in a tent or keeping a timetable under siege or something.

The fiction I used to read would make fun of their rigidity. I'm not so sure but that they weren't on to something. You know, eat regular meals, have at least a loose schedule, get dressed. I'm not saying you need to put on a suit to work at your desk at home. (I'm in slacks, a long-sleeved t-shirt and a wool shawl 'cause it's cold where I live). But I have "day clothes" that are as comfy as jammies, and still mean that it's daytime and I do daytime things, if that makes the slightest sense.

And I want to just about CHEW THROUGH THE DOOR because I want to travel, darn it! Just, get on a train and see my family, for pity's sake! *SNARL* *ARGH*

This is tough. I mean yeah, this is hard.

We can do hard things. Maybe not LIKE doing hard things, but darn it, we can do them!
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