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Jean's check in

Posted: Wed Jan 22, 2014 5:17 pm
by r.jean
I have not posted since August 2013. Various good and bad events in my life have rocked my world for close to 6 months. The amazing thing is that I maintained my weight through all of it. I completed year 3 (2013) of No S maintaining the habits that helped me lose 45 lbs in year one. I managed to maintain that loss in years two and three. I still need to lose more weight, but at least I am overweight, not obese like I was when I started.

I weighed myself at the end of 2013, and I was actually 1.8 lbs up, but I consider that a holiday fluctuation and not a cause for alarm. I started 2014 on a confident note, feeling that I would be able to lose the final poundage I want to lose. However, the last 2 weeks have been a cause for alarm. We had some weather related damage to our home which has created chaos for the last 2 weeks. In spite of 3 years of establishing good habits, I fell apart. I have consumed unbelievable amounts of food and beverages, and I quit regular exercise.

Nothing of significance was lost. No one was hurt. Repairs can be done without moving out. I think it was just the accumulation of big life events that sent me over the edge. :(

Today I knew I needed to recommit to No S and exercise and get back on track. This forum has helped me to get back on track when I have faltered in the past. It makes me accountable. :)

Posted: Wed Jan 22, 2014 7:38 pm
by automatedeating
Glad to hear that you will not have to move.
And welcome back to the check-in boards! Wow, 3 years of NoS! Have you posted on the testimonial boards? I'd love to read more. :)

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 12:30 pm
by eschano
R.Jean! I remember you and missed your posts greatly. A very fat Congratulations for maintaining through a difficult time. Looking forward to hearing more.

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 7:16 pm
by r.jean
Thanks for the encouragement automated eating and eschano! Automated eating is a good way to describe my recent lapse!

I posted fairly long testimonials at 4 months and at a year. If you search No S Journey and me as the author, they should come up. No S has been an unbelievable success for me even though I have not yet reached my ultimate weight goal. My desired weight is to reach the average weight on the charts as determined by BMI.

However, I have gained something far more valuable than a certain weight and that is a sane relationship with food. I still go awry occasionally but always get back on track.

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:29 am
by eschano
r.jean wrote: I have gained something far more valuable than a certain weight and that is a sane relationship with food. I still go awry occasionally but always get back on track.
Love that! I feel the same. Congratulations :)

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:51 pm
by NoSnacker
Hi there I remember you as well...seems a few of us are back....

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:44 pm
by jw
I also remember your name from my very early days on these boards -- well done, to keep on through so much upheaval! And great to have you back!

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:41 am
by r.jean
Good to see you here Nosnacker and jw. I am slowly pulling myself back to better habit compliance. My focus is keeping a Habit Cal in my daily planner and getting back to more regular exercise. I had reds on Monday and Tuesday but green yesterday and so far today. Woo HOO!

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:34 pm
by Sweetness
So glad you're back and glad to be back! I'm proud of you for maintaining and for recognizing that you need to refocus. Good for you!

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 6:22 am
by osoniye
Hi r.jean,
Welcome back. Nice to see you on here again.
I've been kind of in and out of NoS, but always sort of trying. I gained some weight in November while traveling and more during the holidays. It really helps me to stay on track more, when I'm reading and posting here regularly. Here's to us both getting to the middle of the normal section of the BMI chart!

Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 3:28 am
by r.jean
Thank you Sonya and Sweetness for your posts. I have been out of town and not checking in much this past week. I have been posting some on the February challenge.

Yes here is to us. I feel like I am slowly regaining my momentum.

Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:25 am
by Sweetness
We can do this! 8)

Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2014 12:25 am
by r.jean
Tracking No S compliance, Exercise for month of March
March 1-S day
E-at gym-20 mins weights-48 mins on treadmill

March 2-S day

March 3-Green
E-Red none for no good reason other than laziness. (My set goal is 30 minutes of any exercise no matter how hard or how mild. I am retired. There are few excuses other than illness to not to make this modest goal.)

March 4-NWS day-large dessert was the only S
E-45 min DVD, 25 min dog walk

March5-Green-hungry at bedtime but resisted snacking and used a glass of milk instead
E-45 min DVD

March 6-Green
E-gym-53 m treadmill, 20 m weights & 20 m dog walk

March 7-Green
E-gym-56 m treadmill; 20 m Wgts; 20 m dog walk

March 8-S day
E-30 m dog walk

March 9-S day
E-45 m DVD

March 10-over the top red day. Did fine until supper and then kept eating
E-30 m dog walk

March 11-Green
E-40 min dog walk

March 12-Green
E-56 m treadmill; 20 m weights

March 13-Green
E-30 min dog walk

March 14-Red, night out with friends
E-60 min treadmill, 20 min Wgts, 10 min stretching

March 15-S day
E-30 min dog walk

March 16-S Day
E-treadmill 49 mins, weights 20 mins, stretches 10 mins

March 17-Red

March 18-Green
E-same as March 16

March 19- Green
E-treadmill 45 mins, weights 20 mins, stretches, 15 mins

March 20-Green
E-1.5 hours volleyball, 20 min dog walk

March 21-Green
E-30 dog walk

March 22 and 23-S days
E-40 min and 20 min dog walks

March 24-Green
E-20 min walk to store

March 25-Green
No formal exercise but kept busy.

March 26

Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 4:46 am
by oolala53
I've been having a shaky time here at the end of year 3/beginning of year 4. Interesting! I've found a bit of inspiration from an blog by a man who's a proponent of simple, limited eating for frugality's sake. Even before I read him, I had decided I would eat all the starches and protein from my stores before I bought any more. (Occasionally meals out are also okay, and sweets; just no more adding to the stores. and fresh freggies are fine.) I've been at it three weeks and still have many meals to go! It's making me more determined.

It's worth it!

Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 4:56 pm
by r.jean
Today I read an article about the benefit of a support network when trying to lose weight. It was really nothing new, but it served to remind me that I do better when I check into this site daily. The article talked about having to report your behaviors online to a group as a deterrent to straying from the rules. This is so true for me! If I have to write down my poor behaviors, it makes me think before leaping! It also reinforces the positive behaviors!

Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:55 am
by r.jean
I had two wild S days followed by a red over the top Monday. Today was better but loaded up my supper plate to the brim!

Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:35 pm
by automatedeating
Congrats on a green day, r.jean. :)

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 3:45 pm
by r.jean
I am posting my daily habits this month on a post from the beginning of the month but may change back to the habit cal in April. It is probably easier. I am still struggling with some reds and many barely compliant days, but I feel that my attitude is changing. I am exercising more and getting more accomplished each day. I am getting more organized, completing some tasks I have put off, etc. I know I have gained weight in the last 2-3 months since I started struggling, but I am avoiding the scale. At this point, it would only depress me. I have decided to weigh in on July 1 which is my 3 1/2 year point. Hopefully I will be back down to the weight loss level that I maintained for two years and ready to move on and lose the remaining pounds.

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:50 pm
by automatedeating
r.jean, your post is really positive! I like how you sound--your attitude, your goals, your graciousness to yourself, and of course I love the productivity side of things (that's been a big one for me lately).

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:25 pm
by r.jean
Thank you for the positive comments automated eating! It does help. I continued this week to see signs of progress and remembered to put habit first rather than weight. I somehow forgot that the No S plan got me to a sane if not perfect weight, and when I follow the rules,the weight takes care of itself. The better eating habits also carry over to establishing better habits in other areas of life as well. Amazing! I am so glad I found this plan 3 years ago.

Unfortunately I fell and injured my shoulder on Friday which is creating a new challenge. I had a pretty moderate S weekend in spite of the it. A couple of weeks ago this might have thrown me for a loop.

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:24 pm
by r.jean
I fell Friday getting tangled up with a big rambunctious (and lovable) dog I was caring for and have a rotator cuff injury. I guess this type of injury takes awhile to heal. A few weeks ago, this would have totally derailed me; however, this time it did not. I had moderate S days on Saturday and Sunday and a green day Monday. I am sad that my exercise is confined to walking and careful limited stretching, but at least it did not send me on a skid.

After 2 months of significant relapse, I am ecstatic to feel that I am returning to No S habits that I maintained for 3 years prior to relapse. My advice to anyone who experiences something similar is to return to what worked when you started, to what was successful at the beginning. For me that was strict adherence to plain vanilla No S with daily exercise of any sort for at least 30 minutes. (I do allow a day off a week from exercise if I need it, and in times of injury or illness, I adjust.)

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:55 pm
by automatedeating
So sorry about your shoulder! But like you said, at least you can still walk (which is my only real form of exercise).

And it's super neat that you are finding that NoS principles are helping you through this time and keeping you on track with moderation in your eating and exercise.

Hope your shoulder heals as quickly as possible!

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 3:22 pm
by oolala53
I've been stumbling for several months in this my 4th year of No S and a tiny bit afraid that I wasn't going to make it to year 5, which I consider the gold standard of proof that the changes are really made, but I, too, am feeling that foundation coming back. I certainly know I"m not ready to go paleo, vegan, or raw or anything else, nor to count calories, nor to live with the cruddy feelings of bingeing and permasnacking, so here I am. Won't say one of those won't be part of the mix later.

Glad to know we're hanging in there.

Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:43 am
by MerryKat
So sorry to hear about your shoulder. Well done on not allowing it to trip you up.

Posted: Sat Apr 12, 2014 3:45 pm
by r.jean
Thank you for the positive comments! It has been a busy few weeks so I have not been on the computer much. I am continuing to slog along getting back on track with No S. I am staying away from the scale, but my clothes continue to be tight. Like Oolala, I am not giving up on No S which has worked well for me. I do not see myself counting calories or anything else nor am I going to weigh and measure everything. I do need to start thinking more about my food choices once I am firmly back on track.

The shoulder is healing slowly, but I did some running today. I went to a charity 5K with the intention of walking all of it, but I ran some and it felt good. Volleyball may take another week or two.

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 2:48 pm
by r.jean
I have been tracking in a notebook instead of online, but I try to check in and read posts on this site as often as possible. The tracking is pretty much like doing habit cal, but I have added some daily tasks in addition to food and exercise. This seems to be working at getting me back on track. I am still not weighing myself (until July 1), but I feel less bloated. I am also getting hungry as meal time approaches, a good sign that I am eating the right amount at meals.

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 9:35 pm
by automatedeating
I think some form of tracking is really helpful, whether it's moderating our eating, our spending, our activities, our anger (see Linda's thread!), our housecleaning, our reading to kids, you name it.... tracking can be helpful.

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 12:42 am
by r.jean
Still tracking and gradually doing better. I have a goal for May to not have any Red days in the three areas that I track. (Exercise, Alcohol and No S compliance) For exercise, the goal is simple: 30 mins of any type of exercise with one Yellow day weekly if needed. For alcohol. No alcohol 5 days a week. The two yellow days do not have to be on the weekend. Last but most important: Vanilla No S. No mods.

It has been a long 3-4 months. After 3 years of No S, I fell off the wagon, and it has been hard to get back in the routine. I was lazy, and I am determined to be more diligent with the rules.

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 2:46 am
by automatedeating
You know, just this morning I was contemplating the tough spots of NoS. It crossed my mind that the tough spots are not something that can just be beat one time and forever defeated. The tough times keep coming back, and the solution is not some fancy secret: we must just keep on keepin' on, and I know that's what you already do! You'll find your NoS rhythm again, jean!

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 1:03 pm
by r.jean
You are so right automatedeating. My time came after 3 years of pretty smooth sailing with No S. My rough time was from August to January with numerous stressful life events. I actually did okay during those months. I kept up my exercise and ate okay. I do not know if it was the extremely cold and dreary winter that hung on or just the accumulation of stressful events, but I fell apart in mid January and am just now finally getting a handle on it. It was definitely harder this time, but I do feel the rhythm is back. I have stayed away from weigh-ins but have definitely gained weight. I will weigh on July 1.

Posted: Tue May 13, 2014 12:32 am
by r.jean
I have been doing well this month, but I fell apart on Sat and Sun. Technically this is okay. It is not a fail; however, I never feel good after wild S days. Today was okay though. I was hungry (or craving) a lot but stayed on track.

Posted: Wed May 21, 2014 2:48 pm
by r.jean
Doing okay. I started doing Habit Cal again. I am not sure why I quit, because it is a useful tool for me. No reds for exercise or No S, but I have two reds on my alcohol calendar.

Posted: Wed May 21, 2014 2:54 pm
by automatedeating
Maybe you quit habitcal because it takes a little too long to do it. I prefer my calendar in the pantry and I just mark days with fat colored sharpies. Very fun to look at, and takes less time. Now if you love HabitCal, by all means, stay on that horse! :) :)

Posted: Sat May 24, 2014 12:02 pm
by r.jean
I agree automatedeating. It was tedious to get online every evening to do the habit cal so I also started marking it on my calendar. However, the different visuals provided by habit cal are unique and helpful, especially since my calendar is drab...not creative at all. So I still mark it in my calendar to remember but then fill in the habit cal when I am online.

I had a massive red day on Wednesday and had to mark red on all 3 calendars. I could have called the exercise yellow because I allow myself one day off a week when I need it. However, I had been barely meeting my minimum exercise all week and had no excuse not to at least do the minimum on Wednesday.

I have spent the last two days acknowledging to myself that while I am getting some basic habits under control, other habits are not good. My S days have been too wild, and my plates on N days have been too indulgent. I am working on it.

Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2014 12:58 am
by r.jean
Taking stock of May:
Getting back to Habit Cal helped.
No S and exercise calendars look pretty good with only one red on each category. Alcohol calendar has 4 reds, but I keep changing how I govern alcohol usage. I was trying to restrict alcohol to two days a week this month. I am not worried about my overall intake of alcohol other that it adds empty calories and decreased inhibitions so i have a new approach for June.

Three weeks into May, i admitted to myself that I was still overeating in spite of being fairly No S compliant. So...I loaded a fitness app and started tracking calories, nutrition, and exercise. I do not expect this to last, but I needed a wake up call about my habits. I also found a 64 calorie light beer I actually like that should help keep those calories at bay. This seems to be helping.

I am also toying with a mod that involves changing my S days away from Saturday and Sunday.

Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2014 6:26 pm
by r.jean
I played around with the fitness app I have been using and found it has many useful charts. It is increasingly easy to use as well now that many of my usual foods are programmed in. I feel like I am back on track with No S, but this could be a useful tool to use while I try to lose the last of my weight. It is also useful for blood pressure and cholesterol management. My next weigh in is July 1, and my goal is to be at the weight that I lost on No S in 2011 and maintained in 2012 and 2013. I am sure I gained 10-15 lbs during a serious relapse that began in January. I have been struggling to get back on track, and I can feel the weight subsiding. I have avoided the scale but know by my clothes and the mirror that I was gaining!

I have decided that Saturday and Sunday will not work for S days during retirement. I start every day Green and only use S days when I need them. I am averaging one a week but sometimes have two.

Posted: Mon Jun 16, 2014 2:38 am
by r.jean
I have continued to use the fitness app to track my exercise and eating habits. I have done pretty well until this weekend. It has been crazy busy and eating out has been the norm. reds....just yellows....!!!

Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 3:19 am
by r.jean
I am such a true believer in Vanilla No S that I am conflicted by a couple mods I have developed. In mid January, after 3 years of No S, I started to gain weight. I lost 45 lbs in year one and maintained the loss in years 2 and 3. Year 4 started okay but quickly deteriorated. Various life challenges threw me into an emotional mess, and I found out how easy it is to revert to old habits. For several months I struggled to get back on track. I avoided the scale, but I would guess based on clothes that I gained 10-15 lbs in 3 months. I would also guess I have lost most of it, but I am waiting until July 1 to weigh.

Two mods and one added habit have helped me get back on track. Mod 1 is that I start every day as an N day. I only take S days when something worthwhile comes along. I average 1-2 S days a week, but they are not always on Saturday and Sunday. I retired in 2013, and this mod works well with my retirement schedule.

Mod 2 has to do with snacking. I am pretty active, and I sometimes need to split a meal up surrounding exercise. For example, I sometimes eat the banana from my breakfast before exercising and eat the rest of my breakfast a couple hours later. Or I save a small part of my lunch or supper because I know I will need it after I exercise. These mods only happen occasionally and generally surround vigorous exercise. Often I use a glass of milk or tomato juice to tide me over rather than this mod.

The added habit I acquired has me shaking my head in disbelief. I am not a tracker, and when I try to track, it rarely lasts more than a few days. However, a month ago I started using a fitness app that has been fun and easy. I track calories and nutrition and exercise. The app adjusts my calorie needs based on my exercise. The more I use it the easier it is because more of my usual foods and exercises get programmed in, and a few quick touches enters each meal and exercise session. I am not a slave to a set calorie amount, but I am more aware and make better choices. I am also more aware of things like sodium and potassium intake which are important to my health.

Ten days to weigh in, and I am finally looking forward to it rather than dreading it.

Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 12:53 pm
by r.jean
After 3-4 months of relapse and struggle to get back on track, i finally got a grip on my eating habits during May and June. I mostly avoided the scale this past 6 months, but I am sure I gained (and lost) 10-15 lbs. i was only able to squeeze into a fraction of my wardrobe by early May.

Today I weighed in at less than a pound from the weight I maintained for 2 years following a 45 lb loss in 2011. (6/10 of a lb over to be exact)

The use of a fitness app on my IPad helped tremendously. I have been an "anti-tracker" up until now but found that technology has made it much easier. This has helped me to realize where the extra calories were coming from and helped me to institute changes that I can live with. I am not a slave to the calorie count, but I do think of it as I make choices between foods. For example, summer is a time when I drink more beer. I find myself content with some of the 55-64 calorie beers with lower alcohol content versus the 150-200 calorie craft beers I had been choosing. Another example is choosing chicken instead of red meat more often. I have also become much more aware of sodium content. The fitness app also tracks exercise and helps me realize how to choose better foods surrounding vigorous exercise.

I am now on a track to finally start losing the other 25 extra pounds I have hung on to. My initial goal was to lose 70 lbs to get to an average BMI. I lost 45 and became content. Hmmmm...we will see...

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:23 am
by eschano
Oh fantastic! That is some fast progress :)

Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 12:13 pm
by r.jean
I relearned a hard lesson yesterday. It is important to not under eat. Yesterday was super busy for me. It started out with household chores and shopping and went on to 5 vigorous games of volleyball in a hot gym. Next was dog care for a friend and working on some curtains at her house. This is more physical than it sounds with climbing up and fighting with uncooperative rods. Next was a baseball game (watching) and some beer. I did eat three times on the fly but options were few and I have become more picky. 11 o'clock at night I was diving into a bag of sweet potato chips and a box of GooGoo clusters. (I ate 2) :(

I am still using the fitness app and I logged it all. I ended up around 3000 calories, high but not too terrible considering my level of activity. However, I am now feeling pretty funky. I did not drink enough to have an alcohol hangover, but I feel like I have a food hangover.

Undereating leads to overeating. Every once in awhile I need to remind myself.

Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2014 2:31 pm
by r.jean
I have decided to weigh in every Thursday and come back to this post and record the weekly weights so I can see the weekly progress. I weighed on July 1 just to get a monthly figure and then changed back to Thursdays.

July 1: +0.6 over maintained weight/25.6 lbs to goal
July 3: -0.4 this week/25.2 to go
July 10: -1.8 this week/23.4 to go
July 17: -1 this week/22.4 to go
July 24: -0.8 this week/21.6 to go
July 31: -0.6 this week/21 to go
August 7: -1.4 this week/19.6 to go
August 14: Stayed the same
August 21: -1.8 this week/17.8 to go
August 28: -0.8 this week/17 to go
Sept 4: -0.4 this week/16.6 to go
Sept. 11: -1.8 this week/14.8 to go!
Sept. 18: -1.6 this week/13.2 to go!
September 25: -0.4 this week/12.8 to go!
October 2: -1.8 lbs. this week/11 to go!
October 9: -0.2 lbs. this week/10.8 to go!
October 16: -1.2 lbs. this week/9.6 to go!
October 23: -1.4 lbs. this week/8.2 to go!
October 30: +1.2 lbs. this week/9.4 to go. :( :(

Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2014 10:01 pm
by Tessytwinkle
Hello there. Thank you for your kind post to me. I have found your thread and read it. I am so impressed. You are right we have some very similar issues to deal with. But I am so encouraged by your journey. I really need to feel that I can get to grips with my weight, my work and my health ( and my age!). You give me great hope that I can :)
Your weight loss is so inspiring. Brilliant. Keep going you will crack that 70lb!!! I am setting off after you. But following your path. Thank you for your inspiration. :)

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 9:06 am
by eschano
It is so true that undereating leads to overeating! Thanks for sharing that reminder.

Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 12:43 pm
by r.jean
One pound lost this week. Knowledge is power is my new saying. The knowledge I have gained through the fitness app is helping me to make very "doable" changes to my eating and exercise patterns. I do not obsess with a daily calorie count, but I do look at the weekly nutrition numbers and try to be more moderate overall. For example if I know I have a dinner out that will lead to way too many calories, I focus on small nutritious meals for breakfast and supper to minimize the blowout at dinner. I also try to get a good solid hour of vigorous exercise if possible. I also moderate my restaurant meals by choosing sensible but delicious sides rather than greasy, fat laden ones.

Most importantly, the app has helped me to target deficiencies (such as not getting enough protein) and excesses (sodium is one biggie).

So I wonder if I will maintain this new habit? It has been almost two months now, which is good. However, my pattern has been to drop things once I achieve moderate success and think I do not need it any more. Time will tell, but hopefully awareness of my past will help me stick with it.

Posted: Sat Jul 19, 2014 7:11 am
by Tessytwinkle
Hi there. This all sounds so brilliant. I love the thought of doable changes. Can you tell me what fitness app you are using. I wonder if it will help me nutrition wise. Especially as you have found it helps with deficiencies. I need to be really careful diet wise because of food allergies but also to protect my joints. A pound lost is sooooo impressive. Brilliant keep it up and don't 'drop it' you need this structure I think :)

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:42 pm
by r.jean
The app I use is MyFitnessPal. It is free and it is okay. After I spent some time with it, it seems easy, but it took a little time to build my skill with it.

Yesterday was the first day since I started tracking 2 months ago that I gave up trying to figure out what I ate in order to plug it in the fitness app. I just put in my breakfast and plugged in 3000 calories as a wild guess for the rest of the day and moved on. (The app will let you do quick added calories for those tines that you know or are estimating the calories but have no idea on the rest of the nutrition info.) I was at a party where appetizers and wine were brought around and were generous. Then came a salad and pasta and then trays of little desserts. And more wine. Oh my. It was all so good. Then the wonderful hostess sent some desserts home with me. I gave them to my husband but snitched a couple first. I actually may have eaten less than I think, but I did not really care. I was overdue for a full blown Wild S day!

I am back on it today. I am feeling a little post wild day hunger, but I am eating moderately.

Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:07 am
by r.jean
With the exception of my blowout on last Saturday, my Thursday to Thursday week went well, and I lost 0.8 of a lb. this week. I try to stick to weekly weigh-ins only, but I got on the scale Wednesday and the number was up 2.2 lbs. Today I weighed 3 lbs less than yesterday. This would have thrown me for a loop when I first started, but I take it in stride now. I can usually pinpoint a reason for the fluctuation. In this case, I spent a fair amount of time Monday and Tuesday out in the heat (85-95 degree days). I drank lots of fluids, and I think my body just held onto them. Yesterday was drastically cooler, and I literally felt the bloat go away.

So happy to have a handle on my food choices after struggling and gaining for several months earlier in the year. I am still wary because I know my tendency to get lazy and fall prey to too many food splurges.

Posted: Tue Jul 29, 2014 1:02 pm
by r.jean
I have been reading posts more, and it is helpful. I see how many people have struggled for years to stick with No S and then I see others who "got it" pretty quickly and have maintained for years. I am in the middle. I have stayed with No S for 3.5 years. I have had some success but have not achieved my goal of a normal BMI. I am at least actively trying to be more moderate now, and it is working.

Plan is to continue weekly weigh ins and to practice moderation in what I put on my plates. And of course to exercise, exercise, exercise!

Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:50 am
by r.jean
Weekly weigh in today. Down 0.6 lbs. Down 4.6 lbs in July. I ate out a lot this past week so I am very pleased to lose anything! This coming week I have a birthday lunch, a family reunion with a night out of town, a bridal shower, a lunch date with an old friend, and a day trip out of town. I am striving to just stay even this week!

Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 4:10 pm
by eschano
Well done!

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2014 11:32 am
by r.jean
Thanks eschano!

I weighed in yesterday and lost 1.4 lbs even though I ate a lot this past week. The only real blow out was the family reunion day which was a potluck and included some ongoing grazing throughout the day. I also exercised a lot so I guess that saved me.

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2014 5:20 pm
by Imogen Morley
Slow and steady clearly wins the race - congratulations on your success! Exercise certainly helped minimize the impact of less-than-stellar meals.

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2014 8:33 pm
by r.jean
Thanks Imogen!

I know now that I cannot let go of the exercise regimen. This winter was so long and hard that I was unable to exercise outdoors for months. It was not the cold, it was the ice and snow. I gained weight quickly and my general mood suffered.

I now belong to two different gyms (with different amenities) so I have no excuse in bad weather!

Posted: Sat Aug 09, 2014 5:53 am
by Imogen Morley
It's exactly the opposite in my case - I always get lazy in summer, and don't do anything more than walking. Hot weather doesn't agree with me. I work out regularly during the rest of the year, though. If you're looking for some routine you can do at home, I can't recommend Leslie Sansone's walking workouts enough.

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:37 pm
by r.jean
I love Leslie Sansone's dvds as well! I have used them for years, mostly just in the winter. However, this year I had many excuses in addition to the harsh winter. We had broken pipes from freezing, and our basement was flooded. That was my area to sew, craft, exercise, etc. A lot of my stuff was ruined, and it just sent me into a funk. I did a lot of emotional eating and made excuses for skipping exercise. I hope I use this as a lesson and never let myself do that again. I am glad to be back on track.

Posted: Thu Aug 14, 2014 1:06 pm
by r.jean
Weekly weigh in today was the same as last week. I am very happy with that. I struggled a bit this week. I pushed the limits all week and had one blowout day. So....needless to say...staying the same is a great result.

Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 1:28 pm
by r.jean
After gaining and then losing some winter weight this year, I made a renewed commitment to losing the last 25 lbs I need to lose to get to an average BMI. In 7 weeks, I have lost 7.2 lbs. of that weight. After no loss last week, I lost 1.8 lbs. this week.

17.8 lbs to go for a "normal" BMI (currently 52.2 lbs down from weight when started No S)

I am thinking of switching to weighing every other week now because I am sure weight loss will slow down. I can easily fluctuate by 2 or more lbs. and do not want to see the gains/fluctuations. I am much better about using the scale as a tool and not as the end all be all, but let's face it, gains are hard to see.

Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 2:01 pm
by aspencer27
Congrats on all of the weight loss! You are doing great. It is definitely frustrating to see the fluctuations, especially when things go up after you've been really good. In the short term, weight is not correlated directly to what you do, but it is correlated to our habits in the long term. I am trying to focus more on the habits and how I feel versus the measurements (I use how my clothes fit versus weight), but it isn't always easy!

Keep up the good work!

Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:25 pm
by r.jean
Thanks aspencer!

You are right; it is hard to be objective about the scale or the measurements. It is easy to say the right things but hard to actually internalize those feelings.

Yet, I will continue to use the scale as a method of accountability. It does help me gauge long as I do not weigh too often!

Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 10:11 pm
by Tessytwinkle
Hi there, you are doing so well. I find your thread really impressive. Good steady weightloss again, that's good work :) keep going, it will be so great when you reach your target.

Posted: Fri Aug 22, 2014 1:58 am
by Over43
Good job on the 17.2 pounds. I scale watch when I am doing well. The last month I haven't and I had some weight creep on. It shocked me actually. Otter Pops pack a few more calories than I thought.

Posted: Fri Aug 22, 2014 1:06 pm
by r.jean
Thanks Tessy and Over43
Over 43, I also tend to weigh when I am doing well and avoid the scale when I know I am overeating. When I was gaining in Feb and March, I avoided. Since May, I have weighed weekly. Guess I need to keep that up.

I have not had an Otter Pop in years. I remember them fondly, but Fudgsicles were always my nemesis.

Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:20 am
by r.jean
Oh my! Two crazy days in a row. I know it is the weekend, but I usually keep some semblance of order to my weekends. I was super busy, no formal exercise but on my feet most of the day yesterday and got very little sleep. Also prepared and ate a lot of food and enjoyed the company of friends and family. It will be good to get back to eating normal tomorrow!

Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 4:07 am
by osoniye
Hi r.jean- I'm with you on this! I ate too much candy yesterday and felt sort of unsettled. I look forward to my 2 or 3 normal plates today!

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:14 pm
by r.jean
Osiniye, I believe there is progress when we feel uncomfortable with overindulgence!! Yet 4 years ago I over indulged most days.

I came down with a virus that has been going around and spent part of Monday and all of today on the couch. I managed to exercise yesterday morning but no go today. Green days for food but not the greatest food choices!

Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 12:42 pm
by r.jean
Thursday weigh in day.
I lost 0.8 lbs. WooHoo!
I wondered if I would lose or gain because I had one blow out day on Saturday and have been sick since Monday making exercise impossible. I did tough through it Monday, but that was it. Still coughing today but better.

So....17 lbs left to hit the goal I set when I started No S.

Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:00 pm
by eschano
I hope you feel better soon! Colds are so annoying. And: woohoo!

Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 6:15 pm
by Imogen Morley
One day of overindulgence (typically Sunday) makes my scale stuck for 3-4 days, so congratulations, you must have been doing something right since the weekend. Hope you feel better soon!

Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:21 pm
by r.jean
Thanks Imogen and Eschano! I got over the worst of my cold in 2-3 days even though the residual cough lingers on. It is hard not to go for comfort in food when I am not feeling well but easier than it used to be.

Weigh in day again. I lost 0.4 this week after a pretty healthy and No S compliant week. I am 16.6 pounds from my goal. I am just happy the scale continues to go down. Half a pound to a pound each week is ideal. At my age, I am especially concerned about losing too fast and not allowing my skin time to adjust. I have increased my exercise this summer along with concentrating on healthier food choices to hopefully lose fat not muscle.

Three days a week I spend 45-60 minutes running (outside whenever possible but on treadmill if necessary) and 30 minutes on the weight machines at the gym. Twice a week I play fairly competitive volleyball for 75-90 minutes. I also try to walk or get on my bike for short distance errands and have picked up mini golf and rolle bolle with friends. The outdoor pool we use closed after Labor Day. :cry: We have access to an indoor pool, but it is just not the same! Of course I am retired so I need the additional work to keep myself fit but also have the time to do it!

I really have to give credit to No S to the increased commitment to exercise. From the beginning, I have included exercise goals in my No S plan. I am so much healthier than I was 4 years ago. I retired early last year and when I see my work friends, they are always commenting on how happy and healthy I look.

So I think that I have tooted my own horn long enough. I just got started and was feeling so proud of myself that I kept typing. Consider this a testimonial to how No S has improved my life!

Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:45 pm
by Tessytwinkle
Wow, you are awesome. What a strong and well thought out approach. Your exercise is really helping to sustain your weightloss. I think you have cracked it :) won't it be exciting when you reach your target weight :lol:

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2014 12:27 pm
by r.jean
Thanks Tessy! I have multiple special events in the next 2 weeks. I hope to just maintain through it all!

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:30 pm
by r.jean
I had a good week, but I did not expect the 1.8 lb. loss I saw on my scale this morning. The last couple weeks have shown slightly lower than average losses so I guess this is just a fluctuation. With this loss my average remains right about one pound lost a week since the first of July.

I am 14.8 lbs. from my goal. Woo hoo!

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:22 pm
by eschano
Fantastic! Well done!!

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:16 pm
by aspencer27
That's great! Weight loss definitely isn't linear with all of the factors involved, but the trend is the most important. Keep up the great work!

Posted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 2:34 pm
by r.jean
Thanks for the encouragement! I was getting a little bored with the weight loss effort and in danger of slacking off, but staying on this forum helps!

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 12:16 pm
by r.jean
Thursday weigh in. I lost 1.6 lbs. after losing 1.8 lbs. last week. Amazing! I have eaten more due to special stuff going on. I have kept my usual exercise routine. I have been busy and more active in other ways, but nothing that significant. Oh well, just glad the crazy scale is working my way.

13.2 lbs. to goal.

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 12:55 pm
by eschano
I'm delighted for you! Don't underestimate the insignificant activities you added. I never thought about my walking as contributing to weight-loss but there is a massive difference between periods where I can do it and periods where I can't. The most insignificant thing I have done - 5 min stretching rigorously - during my lunch time also affected my weight. Who would have thought!

Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 12:50 pm
by r.jean
Eschano I do believe you must be right about the daily routine being key to the additional weight loss. This past week was so busy running around with friends and family and attending events that I scarcely had time to sit. I also had people over several times and spent more time cooking and cleaning. I got in most of my normal exercise routine too.

Unfortunately I only had two green days this week. With multiple special events, the other 5 days were legitimate S days or NWS days, and I ate well. is my weekly weigh in. I weighed first thing and then made my coffee and sat down to record the weight. I then realized I actually lost 0.4 lbs. this week. I had to step back on the scale because I was sure I had made a mistake! Unreal with the week I have had!

I think that the exercise together with some learned moderation in food choices is the key. No S has instilled moderation in me. Thinking back, I realize I filled my plates with the yummiest choices, but I did not pile my plates. I did not go back for seconds. I did have some desserts, but they were carefully chosen. I am a pickier eater now. I want to enjoy what I eat, not just inhale it. One primary weakness was the appetizers at one event. They were high end and delicious.

Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:02 pm
by eschano
Brilliant Jean! I sometimes feel like that after holidays where I eat some amazing treats and some 3 course dinners but run around a lot and don't stuff my face with not-worth-it snacks. I often lose weight then. While my daily rather sedentary routine gives me a) more time to think I want food and b) less activity.

Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 10:06 pm
by Tessytwinkle
Wow Jean, you did brilliantly to get some weightloss under such circumstances. So encouraging to the rest of us :) I think you are spot on , it is exercise and moderation and overall your habits seem so strong. I am trying to emulate this. Have a good and enjoyable weekend.

Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2014 1:35 am
by r.jean
Thanks eschano and tessy! I am just finishing up yet another busy weekend with plenty of eating opportunities so I will see how the scale goes this Thursday. I keep thinking it is all going to catch up with me. :mrgreen:

I did run a 5K today before the eating of the day began and was pretty happy that my chip time was the best I have had in my 50's.

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 1:22 pm
by r.jean
Once again the scale shocked me today at my weekly weigh in. I had two pretty indulgent S days of eating and five green days. I lost 1.8 lbs. I am not sure what I am doing right, but I think it is a combination of a gradual increase in exercise, including weights, along with an increased focus on nutrition. However, I still feel pretty indulgent at times.

So I am 11 pounds from my goal. Woo Hoo!

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:21 pm
by eschano
Ride the wave!

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 10:14 pm
by Tessytwinkle
It's so brilliant you are still losing weight :) you are getting closer to that goal every day. Sooooooo impressive !!!

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2014 12:41 pm
by r.jean
Thanks Tessy and eschano!

It is weigh in Thursday today, and I lost 0.2 lbs. I am very happy with this after the larger than expected drop last week. I have 10.8 lbs. left to goal (a normal BMI). I expect the last 10 lbs. to go slower so staying the same or small losses are great.

I am still using a food and exercise tracker but have no specific daily rules about what I eat. The information from the tracker continues to give me useful knowledge in the quest for moderation and in getting the nutrients I need to be healthy.

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2014 5:08 pm
by lpearlmom
Awesome-- you're doing great!


Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 1:26 pm
by r.jean
It is weigh in Thursday again, and I am down 1.2 lbs. Wow! It seems like the scale is a week behind. I did really well the week before last and only lost 0.2 last week. I did barely okay this week and lost 1.2. This is developing as a common pattern for me.

I am 9.6 lbs. from goal.

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 11:13 pm
by ironchef
Nice work jean! You are doing so well.

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2014 12:55 pm
by r.jean
Thanks Iron Chef! Coming to this site regularly for reinforcement is a key to keeping me going. I have continued to enjoy numerous special events this fall, and last weekend was a total blowout! Thank goodness I can do that and enjoy it and not feel guilty! I cannot believe how much my attitude about food has changed after almost 4 years of No S.

Posted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:06 pm
by r.jean
Thursday weigh in. I am again amazed that the weight just continues to come off. I keep expecting a plateau as I near my goal. I lost 1.4 lbs. this week. I am 8.2 lbs from goal.

Posted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 3:28 pm
by mitchelll
nice work and congratulations!

Posted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:01 pm
by lpearlmom
Wow--that's amazing! Congrats!ðŸ˜

Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 8:04 am
by eschano
I'm so glad for you! NoS rocks.

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:17 pm
by r.jean
Thanks everyone!

The true test of my ability to maintain is starting. I am going on a 11 day trip starting Friday. It includes a 7 day (all you can eat of course) cruise. I am not going to log my food. I am going to stick to my normal Vacation routine that I developed since I have been on No S and see what happens. My vacation routine is to stick to 3 meals of virtual plating and to have one dessert per day if it is a good dessert. I usually have the desserts offered at dinner.

I do not snack, and I do not have seconds. However, the virtual plating is tricky since the meals are served in courses.

Calories from alcohol are higher on vacation, but exercise is generally pretty high too.

I will log this Thursday after my weigh in and then I will see you in two weeks.

I really feel that I am being more moderate in my eating now, but I have to confess that I am concerned about giving up the strict tracking I have done for 6 months.

I went from being an anti-tracker to a compulsive tracker. That was amazing and probably necessary, but I am ready to be an anti-tracker again.

Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:53 am
by MerryKat
Enjoy your cruise, sounds like you have your plan in place. I am sure if you stick to 3 meals (even if the virtual plating is difficult) you will be successful in maintaining your habits.

Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 1:20 pm
by r.jean
Today's weigh in was dissappointing but expected. I am up 1.2 lbs. I have been eating a lot of the wrong foods this week. The total intake was not so bad, but I ate a lot of junk, especially salty stuff. I ate out a lot this week which always increases the salt intake. I also bought a bag of Kettle chips and ate them over a series of meals. I can usually count on my husband to eat some, but he did not.

The salt alone accounts for the gain, and it could have been worse. I have been known to show a 2-3 lb. gain after a salty day, and this was a salty week! So here I go off on vacation, hoping to come back without gaining. See you in two weeks! Wish me luck!

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 2:35 pm
by r.jean
We came back from vacation late Sunday night after 9 days of sun and fun and constantly available good food. I had three days to tone down the eating and get back to my regular exercise routine before the weekly Thursday weigh in (2 weeks this time of course).

I lost 0.8 lbs. The week before I left, I had a 1.2 lb gain that was the first gain since I started weekly weighing at the beginning of July. So in retrospect, I actually have gained 0.4 over the last 3 weeks. I am ecstatic!!!

I did no tracking, and I had a dinner dessert every day. I stuck to three meals but I ate delicious food. I was active but not able to do my normal routine.

THANK YOU FOR NO S! No S has not just helped me in changing my eating habits, it has helped me build up my exercise and has given me the tools to change my habits in various areas of my life. I now enjoy good food more than ever before, but I know how to be moderate. Exercise is so much a part of my life that I feel funky if I do not find a way to be active.

So, I am 8.6 lbs. from my weight goal. Woo hoo! Year four of No S has been a recommitment to following the rules more closely, and it has worked.

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:16 pm
by osoniye
Great job, R.Jean! Glad you were able to do so well on your vacation. It sounds both sensible and enjoyable. Very inspiring. (I have a vacation coming up Dec 14- Jan 5. I hope I do so well!!)

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 1:17 pm
by r.jean
Thanks osoniye! Enjoy your vacation!