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attempting 1 full year

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:43 pm
by Nay-Nay
I walk my dogs daily, about 2-3 miles, 6-7 days a week. For 2013, I have decided to walk 5 miles a day, 7 days a week for the entire year. I have heard 10,000 steps a day is what we need. 5 miles is about 10,000 steps. I live near Buffalo, NY and it can get pretty nasty here in the winter. So while I prefer walking outside, I have had to compromise. I had a desktop built onto my treadmill so that whenever I am on the computer, I am walking (like right now). So, 2 miles out with the dogs, 3 on the computer! Come April, I will be out for all 5. :D

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:37 pm
by Williac
Awesome!! Its amazing how people don't walk anymore. I live less than a mile from the store and when I tell people I walked there they look at me like I have a horn growing out of my head.

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:52 pm
by Nay-Nay
Williac, I have to admit, I used to walk everywhere in my younger days, but I feel a little guilty dragging my kids out in terrible weather. I love the SOUND of walking to school but when the wind chill is 2 degrees, I don't have the heart! :) [/b]

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:36 am
by Williac
I hear you about the kids. Yesterday it was really warm hear for the time of year. At 10 am it was in the upper 50s. I went for a 5 mile walk with my 8 year old and my 6 year old sons. Moral was high in the beginning and kind of lagging the last mile or so. At that point its time to give rides on my shoulders which only makes it better exercise wise for me and they aren't that heavy yet. My favorite thing when people find out your are walking on purpose is they can become defensive and start making excuses why they drove 2 blocks to the store ect.

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:46 pm
by Nay-Nay
It is amazing how many excuses can be found. :wink: